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What Our Clients Say About Us


Raydenisse's Birthday!

“The best in the game" "Everything was sooo perfect"
"OMG What can I say!!! Jess is amazing. She did an amazing table for my birthday party. Everything was delicious and beautiful. Her Service was amazing from the moment we first contacted until the end of the party. Will recommend 1000%.
"You're work is so amazing Jess. You impress me with the way you make the tables look. They are delicious but so beautiful you don't want to even touch them! We devoured. Thank you so much!"
"Jess made my wedding day amazing! Her charcuterie table made for us was beyond this world. I would recommend her to anyone I know. She works hard and the quality of her food is fresh and delicious! Book with her!"
"You blew it out of the park! You have the quality, perfect pairings and you are on fire with customer service. I'll be back"
"The Boards are amazing and the service is like no other. Highly recommend!"
"Jess is amazing at what she does! Everything is highly tasty and presented beautifully! I have ordered a few boxes from her for different events and they are always a major hit with everyone! If I could give her more stars, I would!"
"Jess is amazing! I ordered from her many times and loved everything! I really enjoy how she can accommodate your needs"
"Jess is amazing! Her work ethic speaks volumes and she's such a sweet soul. Not to mention her chocolate bark is to die for! If i could eat it every single day I would! After the first time eating it that's all I thought about. I will definitely be a customer for life and everything she makes does not disappoint!"
"Jess.. what can I say.. you really did an AMAZING job. When I was watching you put together the table I was in awe the way it was coming out. You truly have a passion for this. You were amazing with giving me tips on what to pair for my family. Everything was delicious!!!! Thank you again o much. The work you do is phenomenal."
"Thank you to @elegantspreadsbyjessllc for partnering with the Mansion as our event's charcuterie stylist. The display was a masterpiece"

Birthday Party

 Private Home

"This was definitely the talk of the party. The most amazing charcuterie table that kept giving... Thank you Jess for an amazing job #elegantspreadsbyjess"
"The Highlight of our party was by far the charcuterie table made by Jess! Not only did it look absolutely amazing, everything was delicious. Jess takes pride in what she does and aims for perfection. You will be so happy with whatever she does for you!"

"Everyone LOVED it and was raving about the table you made for us. The creativity is amazing and I gave your cards to everyone who was interested. You should be getting a lot of messages. Thank you again! I couldn't be happier with the work you did"


"Jess! Everything was AMAZING!! The spread went so fast I couldn't even get a picture! Thank you so much, it was better than I could have hoped for"


"My whole family was blown away. You are so creative I couldn't ever do what you do! Thank you for making my Christmas easier for me and everyone thought it was delicious I didn't have enough"


"I was happy you did the table, it was beautiful and everyone commented! I'll be on Facebook to let everyone know you did a great job! Thank you!"
"I'm in awe! This is amazing. I digged in already and I cannot stop!"
"Amazing spreads, so yummy, aesthetically pleasing and so many options!! Great customer service and business owner, would recommend 10/10!"
"Jess is amazing with so much talent and the charcuterie meats are so fresh! I am OBSESSED I cant wait to order again."
"Great Quality Spreads!! Everything is fresh and delicious! Highly Recommend 10/10"
"Jess is super talented and down to earth! You can tell she takes her time and cares about each order she makes, big or small! This is more than just a hobby shes doing to make money she really has a passion for this!! I cant wait until my next order! She will always have my support!"
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